БАРААНЫ НЭР: MHK-N7332F5 NVR 32 суваг

Үнэ: 488,000 ₮

Нийт үлдэгдэл: 10


  • 32 ширхэг хяналтын камер холбогдох боломжтой; H.265 support                      
  • Support adding Onvif IPC;        
  • Auto connect IPC, guarantee the connection of the network video surveillance product;                            
  • With Network doctor function,automatically diagnoses the network fault; 
  • Support EZVIZ remote,quick connect on remote and fluent video; 
  • Support multi-language version;                                                                            
  • Support multiple remote monitoring like mobile Tablet and PC and free IVMS;                            
  • Dual stream function achieve localHD recording.